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CILMI faculty work with their research group to understand interaction between light and matter. The group carries out research in thermal, optical and mechanical characterization of solids and liquids. Thermal and mass diffusion are investigated using pulsed and continuous light excitations. The effects are usually probed by pump-probe photothermal methods such as Thermal Lens, Thermal Mirror and Photothermal Displacement. Effects of radiation pressure in dielectric surfaces are being explored through Photomechanical Mirror experiments.


Central research themes at present include:


Modeling thermal and mass diffusion effects in photothermal methods

- Soret effect

- Photochemical reaction / Photobleaching

- Sample/fluid heat coupling


Characterization of solids and liquids

- Thermal, optical and mechanical properties solids and liquids

- Investigation of photochemical reaction and mass diffusion in liquids

- Investigation of fluorescent materials

- Measurement of radiation pressure in solids and liquids

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